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Dublin United Soccer Club General Information and More


Dublin United Soccer Club has been the largest and most successful parent-coached soccer organization is Central Ohio since its beginnings as the Dublin Middle Tier Soccer Organization (DMTSO) in 2005.  We continue to lead the charge with innovative "Foot Skills Sessions", Goalkeeper training, Club Indoor Sessions, our unique Kickoff Event the first week of August, and more opportunities for our players to improve in the Summer, in season, and over the Winter.  

NOTES about DUSC Player Evaluations that make Dublin United Soccer Club unique:

1.  Players whose parents AND current or future coach agree on team placement will be asked to attend ONE NIGHT of evaluations.  Keep in mind, COACHES develop their own rosters with assistance from DUSC.

2.  Players are EVALUATED for placement and are NOT "CUT" based on the players skill level.

3.  Some players will be "advised" to play in the recreational program while being able to take advantage of DUSC "skill sessions" all year long, BUT, so long as DUSC has room on a roster, all players desiring to play in DUSC will be placed on a team (this is part of the DUSC agreement with the City of Dublin).

4.  Players are NOT required to attend each session, however, attending multiple sessions will assist the evaluators/coaches in proper team placement.  Parents will also have additional opportunities to speak to the coaches at the end of each session.

5.  When possible, we attempt to allow players to be paired with friends (this is NOT ALWAYS possible!).  We also allow players to "play up" with their friends assuming they have the ability (frequently, this means playing "age up, grade even").  With the change to calendar year cut-offs, many January through July players end up not playing against players in their own grade until getting to high school.  We do not believe that forcing these situations is in the best interest of the PLAYER!


Are Evaluations Required?

Parents and Coaches,

I am asked this question quite often. 

Q1.  Do players need to attend player evaluations?

A1.  The answer is YES, ALL PLAYERS NEW and RETURNING need to attend evaluations!

Q2.  Does a player need to attend evaluations all three nights?

A2.  No, BUT.....This is a statement about any evaluation or tryout regardless of the organization.  If your child is coming into our organization and knows the team that he/she will be playing on this Fall, then one session is sufficient.  However, if your son/daughter is registering and expecting to be placed on a team, the more opportunties an organization (DUSC or other club) has to see the player, the better the liklihood that the player will be placed on the team that is the best fit.  Evaluations are only 90 minutes long.  After you take out warm up time, water breaks, and breaks, only 60 minutes or so remain.  This is not a lot of time for a player to "show" what he or she can do.  I know the temptation is to "kick tires" and go to multiple evaluations/tryouts.  While this seems like a solid "Plan B" option, it generally does not work out well.  Do research on the organization(s) you are considering.  Make sure to attend at least two nights for that organization and attend one in your Plan B.  DUSC, Club Ohio, OP and others will have supplemental evaluations/tryouts following the evaluation/tryout week.  There will still be time to pursue your Plan B.  In order to increase the likelihood that your Plan A presents the best fit, give your child the best opportunity by going to two or three nights at the Plan A option.  Multiple night attendance shows interest and commitment that a one-night appearance does not.

Q3.  My child is already in DUSC, do we really need to attend evaluations?

A3.  DUSC will attempt to place every eligible player regardless of attendance.  At the same time, attendance helps show commitment to coaches considering adding players to their team for the coming Fall.  This is especially important for current DUSC players who will be playing on a different team in the Fall.



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Annual "Bright Out" And Tell Three About Thee Program

Parents and Coaches,

Because we cannot communicate directly with DSL players and their parents, we rely nearly 100% on Word of Mouth Communications.  Each year, we attempt to inform the Dublin Soccer Community about us in two ways:

1.  On THURSDAY, May 23rd, I would like to ask all DUSC players to wear their Neon Game or Neon Practice Jerseys to school (and tell classmates about us).

2.  I would also like to ask each of you to tell three friends with young soccer players about Dublin United.  If you know a neighbor that has players playing in the DSL, please take a moment to let them know about Dublin United.

THANKS, in advance!

Three other reminders:
1.  We have another DUSC Informational Session TONIGHT at the Rusty Bucket on Perimeter (7:30PM).  Last night, which was about the 8th such session, we had five parents (including two existing parents) representing at least 10 players.

2.  If your player(s) is/are returning to DUSC and his/her team may need a few more players, have your player reach out to a few friends to round out the team's roster.

3.  Evaluations are over the next two weeks, make sure to get your child registered (normal registration if the player is definitely returning to DUSC or the Evaluation Form is unsure)!

More soon.....




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REMINDER: DUSC Informational Meeting at Rusty Bucket Tonight

Potential DUSC Parents and Coaches (or other Curious Parents/Coaches),

We will be holding another DUSC Informational Session this evening at the Rusty Bucket Restaurant at 7:30PM this evening.  Feel free to drop by.


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Two More DUSC Informational Sessions


We will hold two more informational sessions for parents/coaches interested in learning more about DUSC.

These two sessions will be held Tuesday, May 21st at 7:30PM and Wednesday, May 22nd at 7:30PM.  Each session will be held at the Rusty Bucket on Perimeter.

Here are some FAQS from the first several sessions:

1.  How many games do DUSC teams play each season?  

1A.  10-12 as opposed to 8 for most other parent-coached competitive programs.

2.  How many tournaments are included?

2A.  Four tournaments are included in the fee for all U-10 and up teams -- three for U-08/U-09 teams.

3.  What leagues do DUSC teams play in?

3A.  Nearly all of our teams play in the Central Ohio Premier League/Ohio Champions League.  Club Ohio (Dublin), OP (Dublin and UA), Worthington United, Hilliard Locomotive, Columbus United (Powell), Classics Eagles (Powell), Barca Academy (Powell), Grandview FC, Blast FC (Westerville), Sporting Columbus (Westerville), put most of their teams in these leagues allowing our teams to play great competition right in our own back yard.  Our teams can play in MOSSL and Buckeye, but since the creation of the Central Ohio Premier League combined with the Ohio Champions League, there is little reason to participate in those leagues that result in significantly more travel without adding any better competition.  The COPL/OCL program allows for great flexibility in schedule creation in terms of number of games (6-12 each season), quantity and type of opponents (teams play teams in their division, but rather than playing the same four or five teams up to SIX TIMES during the year, our teams can play teams in the division above, the division below and even teams in different age groups if that fits the objectives of the team), guest player opportunities (very flexible guest player rules), and other great innovations.  

4.  How many professionally-led training sessions are included in the fee?

4A.  No less than 36-40 professionally-led training sessions with a typical trainer:player ratio of about 10:1. are included in the base fees.  Four evening Kickoff Event, eight foot skills sessions in the Fall, four goalkeeper sessions in the Fall, six indoor foot skill sessions, four indoor goalkeeper sessions, six foot skills sessions in the Spring, and four goalkeeper sessions in the Spring are all INCLUDED in the base fee.

5. Can teams get professionally-led team-based training sessions during the year?

5A.  We have multiple trainers available to teams for a nominal fee.

6.  How much do uniforms cost?

6A.  Two practice jerseys, two uniform jerseys, two pairs of socks and one pair of shorts are included in the fee.  In addition, parents can choose to take a $40 uniform credit in odd-numbered years as we change uniforms in even-numbered years.  

7.  What are the fees to play in DUSC?

7A.  The total fee including uniform kit for U-09 and under players is $425 and for U-10 and up players the fee is $545.

8.  If I bring a partial team will you take my players to a different team?

8A.  Dublin United never takes players from one team and moves them to another arbitrarily.

9.  What happens if my child does not have a team to join?

9A.  DUSC forms teams based on the number of players.  We, traditionally, place nearly all players on a team each year.

10.  My child is young for his/her grade, can he/she still play with his/her classmates?

10A.  Yes.  We believe in letting players play competitive soccer while participating with friends, classmates and other good soccer players.

11.  How do you compare to other programs?

11A.  Just ask the other programs you are considering:

*  What league(s) do they play in?

*  How many games do they play during the year?

*  How many professionally-led sessions are included?

*  How many different teams will they play during the regular season?

*  Who will the teams play?  What clubs?  Local?  If not, how far (check standings to verify)?

*  How many training sessions during the season?

*  Who leads the training sessions?

*  Are any indoor training sessions included?

*  How many Directors have they had in the past five to seven years?

We are not the Club for everybody, but for the successful recreational player looking to make a move to the next step up the soccer pyramid, we can be a great choice.

Ken McMahon

by posted 05/15/2019
Planning for the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Seasons

Parents and Coaches, 

We are about to enter "The Crazy Season!"  Each year at this time, players have the opportunity to move to a different program or a different team for the following Fall/Spring Seasons.  Some players move from DUSC to Club Ohio/OP.  Some players move from Club Ohio/OP to DUSC.  Some players move from the DSL to DUSC.  Some players move from Club Ohio to OP or vice versa.  Some players move to/from other clubs to a Dublin Club.  Those moving are hoping for a better situation next Fall 2019/Spring 2020 season than this season.  For those returning to Dublin United Soccer Club, The Crazy Season can be avoided.  

The most common scenario for a Dublin United player is the player is returning to his or her team for the next season -- in this case Fall 2019/Spring 2020.  We have just completed our meetings with coaches and many of our coaches will be returning next season with all players returning or a majority of players returning with a few to several new ones.

The second most common scenario for a Dublin United player is the player wants to return to DUSC, BUT the head coach is not returnng.  These players typically want to keep playing with their friends!  This is NOT an unusual situation.  Coaches move down to a younger age group with a younger child, coaches move to a different age group after one to 10 years of coaching in our program, coaches move on due to a change in personal availability due to a job change/additional child, coaches move on due to the fact that their child is either moving up to OP/Club Ohio or concentrating on another sport.

We have had at least one team in every age group (U-08 to U-15) for the past 10 plus years.  Organized team mergers are a regular occurrence within Dublin United.  We currently have multiple teams in nearly all age groups (except for U-08 Boys/Girls and U-09 Girls).  We are working and will continue to work to put the "pieces" (players and coaches) in place to create the best overall option for all.  

If your child is currently in Dublin United, but the coach is NOT returning, fear not -- DUSC will have a place for your child and the other returning members of his/her team.  We will identify head coaches/co-coaches for each team.

If you are considering other programs, keep in mind that the league DOES matter!  Nearly all Dublin United teams play in the Central Ohio Premier League (COPL) and/or the Ohio Champions League (OCL).  We play in these leagues because our teams can play more games (up to 12 each season -- 10 for U-09 and under teams) against a wider variety of local competition.  Our teams can play teams within their division, in the division above/below them and even teams in the age group above them or below them -- playing teams that provide the team with the desired level of competition.  Teams in the U-10 and U-12 age groups can play either against teams in the older age group or within their age group playing 9v9 or 11v11 to begin to experience the "next level" of play the following season.  In addition, the COPL and OCL are very local.  We play against a wide range of opponents ranging from nearby parent-coached teams to the top level Club teams (including Club Ohio, OP -- in Dublin -- Worthington United, Hilliard Locomotive, Columbus United, Classics Eagles, Barca Academy, Olentangy United and more). 

We do, from time to time, place teams in the Mid Ohio Select Soccer League (MOSSL) and Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League (Buckeye).  Since the creation of the COPL, we have not had any teams wishing to play in MOSSL or Buckeye due to the limited play schedule (7 or 8 games), against limited competition (frequently playing four teams twice each during both the Fall and Spring seasons) with extensive travel in many situations (traveling to Dayton or Newark or Zanesville or Mount Vernon is common).  Many of the "professionally-coached" teams in the area are also playing in the COPL/OCL.  A few will play in MOSSL while others will play in the Buckeye, the State League, and beyond.  We have other options for leagues as well (National Premier League, MVYSA East).

Our price point is below other similar programs and we offer more.  For those desiring to get "more" training than our Monday Foot Skills Sesssions (14 included in your fee), our Indoor Foot Skills Sessions (six included in your fee), and goalkeeper sessions (at least 10-15 goalkeeper sessions included in your fee), teams can opt to have professional trainers lead additional team sessions for a nominal fee.  A U-08/U-09 team could add a professional training session a week all season (14-16 during the full year) and still frequently cost less than other similar programs.  We offer more games than other similar programs (10-12 per season vs. eight for most).  We offer more tournaments than most (U-10 and up four vs. the typical two or three).  

So, unless you are moving UP the commitment, cost and travel scale, WHY leave Dublin United?


by posted 05/15/2019
Player Registration AND Player Evaluation Registration is Open


The Player Registration System for the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Seasons is now open.  The Player Evaluation Registration Form is also available.  Which form(s) needs to be completed?

If a player is a New or Returning Player who is planning on playing this coming Fall/Spring Seasons, the parent can simply complete the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Player Registration Form (by Clicking on REGISTER NOW on our home page).

If a player is attending evaluations, waiting on team placement BEFORE making a decision, the parent should complete the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 EVALUATION REGISTRATION FORM (found in the vertical green ribbon on our home page).  Once the player accepts a position, the complete Player Registration Form will be required.

Bottom Line:  If you KNOW your child wants to play with Dublin United for the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Seasons, you can save some time and only complete one form -- the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Player Registration Form.


by posted 05/15/2019
Happy Mother's Day AND Another DUSC Informational Session

To the Mothers of DUSC players and potential players, 

Happy Mother's Day! 

We will be hosting another DUSC Informational Night at 7:00PM this evening at the Rusty Bucket on Perimeter.

Tell a friend about the event and bring them along -- food provided!


by posted 05/12/2019
Player Evaluation Dates and Times

Parents and Coaches,

Dublin United Player Evaluations will be held as follows:

NOTE:  Please plan to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to scheduled start time.

NOTE 2:  BOYS and GIRLS TIMES Vary by Age Group -- Read carefully!

Birth Year






         Tues. 5/28, Wed. 5/29. Thurs. 5/30




         Tues. 5/28, Wed. 5/29. Thurs. 5/30




         Tues. 5/28, Wed. 5/29. Thurs. 5/30




         Tues. 5/28, Wed. 5/29. Thurs. 5/30




Mon., 6/3, Tues. 6/4, Wed. 6/5




Mon., 6/3, Tues. 6/4, Wed. 6/5


All Sessions will be at the South End of Avery Park (7401 Avery Road, Dublin, OH  43016)

Much more soon!

by posted 05/08/2019
Free Dinner -- Plan for 2019-20

Parents and Coaches,

Have a player still playing in the DSL?  Invite their DSL coach to learn about Dublin United and earn a Free Dinner in the process!  Are you possibly interested in coaching a Dublin United team this Fall?  

We will discuss the options for forming teams, 

We are planning on having at least five informational meetings (with food) over the next six - eight weeks.  The meetings will run from 7:00PM - 8:30PM (or until all questions are answered).  The meetings will be held on Wednesdays and Sundays in April and Early May.  The locations will be determined later, but the tentative dates are:

Wednesday, April 10th

Sunday, April 14th

Sunday, April 28th

Wednesday, May 1st

Sunday, May 5th

As soon as we finalize the location (and determine capacity), I will provide a form to register.  More soon....




by posted 03/21/2019


Hundreds of college athletes were asked to think back: "What is your worst memory from playing youth and high school sports?"

Their overwhelming response: "The ride home from games with my parents."

The informal survey lasted three decades, initiated by two former longtime coaches who over time became staunch advocates for the player, for the adolescent, for the child. Bruce E. Brown and Rob Miller of Proactive Coaching LLC are devoted to helping adults avoid becoming a nightmare sports parent, speaking at colleges, high schools and youth leagues to more than a million athletes, coaches and parents in the last 12 years.

Click here to read the full article—and to see the 5 behaviors to avoid.

Those same college athletes were asked what their parents said that made them feel great, that amplified their joy during and after a ballgame.

Their overwhelming response: "I love to watch you play."

There it is, from the mouths of babes who grew up to become college and professional athletes. Whether your child is just beginning or has been playing for years, this is a good reminder to all parents.

Let’s hear it for the parents who do it right. In many respects, Brown and Miller say, it’s easier to be an ideal sports parent than a nightmare. “It takes less effort,” Miller says. “Sit back and enjoy.” Here’s what to do:

Cheer everybody on the team, not just your child: Parents should attend as many games as possible and be supportive, yet allow young athletes to find their own solutions. Don’t feel the need to come to their rescue at every crisis. Continue to make positive comments even when the team is struggling.

Model appropriate behavior: Contrary to the old saying, children do as you do, not as you say. When a parent projects poise, control and confidence, the young athlete is likely to do the same. And when a parent doesn’t dwell on a tough loss, the young athlete will be enormously appreciative.

Know what is suitable to discuss with the coach: The mental and physical treatment of your child is absolutely appropriate. So is seeking advice on ways to help your child improve. And if you are concerned about your child’s behavior in the team setting, bring that up with the coach. Taboo topics: Playing time, team strategy, and discussing team members other than your child.

Know your role: Everyone at a game is either a player, a coach, an official or a spectator. “It’s wise to choose only one of those roles at a time,” Brown says. “Some adults have the false impression that by being in a crowd, they become anonymous. People behaving poorly cannot hide.” Here’s a clue: If your child seems embarrassed by you, clean up your act.

Be a good listener and a great encourager: When your child is ready to talk about a game or has a question about the sport, be all ears. Then provide answers while being mindful of avoiding becoming a nightmare sports parent. Above all, be positive. Be your child's biggest fan. "Good athletes learn better when they seek their own answers," Brown says.

And, of course, don’t be sparing with those magic words: "I love watching you play."

by posted 03/13/2014
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